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Datum:  4.5.2024
Vrijeme:  10 - 19 sati
Mjesto:  Zrno eko imanje

DIGGING DEEPER with Jean-Martin Fortier
Voditelj:  Jean-Martin Fortier
Vrsta programa:  radionica

Digging Deeper with JM goes beyond the screen to Zrno Organic Farm! Dive into the profound world of organic farming with the maestro, Jean-Martin Fortier, at Europe's celebrated farm. Explore the fundamental elements, techniques, and design principles that transform small-scale biointensive farming into a profitable endeavor. Join us for a whole day workshop alongside master grower JM Fortier and delve into the pivotal aspects of successful farming. During this workshop, you will get insights into: • How to set goals to grow your bottom line and develop resilient farm • Identifying key crops for optimal profitability with presentation of new Heirloom aplication • Discovering the latest advancements and innovations in organic farming procedures and tools • Implementing effective management practices to enhance crop and harvest planning • Learning strategies for team mobilization and streamlining daily farm operations Our ultimate objective in this workshop is to empower you to cultivate with greater abundance and, most importantly, with increased efficiency. Join us as we embark on a journey toward more prosperous and sustainable farming practices.
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